Ford Ranger Roller Shutter from VIKOR INDUSTRIES [2022]

Let's be honest, in today's day and age your belongings seem to growing legs and running away more and more often. And if it hasn't happened to you recently, you know someone who's had something of value mysteriously vanish.

This means it's not exactly an option to throw your gear in the back of the ute, and continue on your day with full confidence that everything will be there when you get back.

A custom tray or canopy will give you that security, but they certainly aren't for everyone. More often than not, they're not a solution our customers and install partners go for, as they're setting their utes and trucks up to really turn heads. That's why we've seen the VIKOR INDUSTRIES Ford Ranger Roller Shutter take off across Australia - a clean, neat and stylish option for your tray.

Let's take a quick look at why you should be considering the VIKOR INDUSTRIES Ford Ranger Roller Shutter.



vikor roller shutter electric ranger


A major benefit of the Ford Ranger Roller Shutter is the added security. With the electric roller shutter itself being mounted to the side rails of your ute, and a specialist anti-theft seal at the tailgate end of your  vehicle, getting into the tray of your ute is no easy feat. The black roller panels are made of high quality, durable aluminium to prevent attack from sharp objects and the like for maximum protection.

We recommend you add the genuine ford tailgate locking system to our Ford Ranger Roller Shutters, which will save you the hassle of using the key each time to lock your tailgate. Combining the genuine Ford Ranger tailgate central locking kit is advisable to get the most of your electric roller shutter experience. Once installed, you can lock and leave with peace of mind no one's getting into your belongings in the tray.


Weather Proof - Rain, Hail or Shine! 

vikor industries


We know all about the Ford Ranger Wildtrak roller shutter problems from factory, because we had thousands of dollars worth of stock from Factor 55 Australia soggy and wet in the last down pour. NOTHING worse than getting some of the contents of your tray wet, let alone subjecting them to the harsh Australian heat.

With a larger drainage system, and an overall design specifically prioritising waterproof properties, the Ford Ranger Electric Roller Shutter protects the contents of your tray from all of the elements.


Compact & Robust Design


Manufactured from premium, lightweight aluminium, the Ford Ranger Roll Shutter is only adding a measly 35kg to the weight of your vehicle.

But don't let that fool you into thinking this is a short term solution for your tub. Unlike other big brand roller shutters (that's all they do as well!), our shutters don't wrap and bend after 12 months of use.

We're so confident in our product we offer a huge 24-month manufacturer's warranty on the Ford Ranger Electric Shutter. Of course, we expect you to look after the shutter with a little bit of maintenance every few months, but we'd hope you're show your Ranger plenty of love anyway!

The motor canister within the shutter is also a relatively small unit, which ensures you've still got plenty of room in the tub for all of your belongings. The canister unit extends approximately 33cm into the tub.

Now for those who have kids (or might be a little clumsy like ourselves), the VIKOR INDUSTRIES Electric Roller Shutters have jamming prevention technology integrated into the function of the shutter to avoid limbs / tub contents from being caught in the sliding shutter.


Multi Control - Including Mobile App 

vikor industries app electric roller shutter

The Ford Ranger Roller Shutter from VIKOR INDUSTRIES not only has two (2) dedicated keychain remotes to control your electric shutter with, but  also a dedicated mobile app that can be downloaded onto your iPhone or Android mobile device (screenshot above).

Further to this, we provide instructions to your installation expert to code your factory key, as well as run a switch through to your cabin to control the opening, pausing and closing of your electric roller shutter.

Our trusted installation experts may also be able to provide you with added extras in this department, so brainstorm ideas with them based on your requirements!


Lighting - No more hide and seek 

vikor electric roller shutter ford ranger


Finding those loose odds and ends that are hiding amongst the gear in the tray can be tough. That's why our Ford Ranger Electric Roller Shutters have a 3-stage LED light in the centre of the shutter to illuminate your tub.

This can be adjusted to high-medium-low-off through the use of the mobile app or one of the dedicated remotes.


Accessories Compatibility 

vikor industries ford ranger roller shutter hamer sport barWarrior Series Roll Bar with vikor industries ford ranger roller shutter 

Utilise your favourite electric shutter accessories such as Rhino Rack cross bars.

Furthermore, our trusted installers around Australia can transfer your factory sports bars across to your new VIKOR INDUSTRIES Electric Roller Shutter. If you're looking for a new look to go with your premium black roller shutter, then consider the Hamer Warrior Series Roll Bar (pictured above) or any of the Sports Bars from Option 4WD Australia



Vehicle Availability 

This Ford Ranger Electric Roller Shutter is also compatible with the Ford Raptor. Better yet, it's not just our Ford Ranger Roller Shutter / Ford Ranger Raptor Roller Shutter that's available, we also stock Electric Roller Shutters for a long list of vehicles:

✅ Ford Ranger Raptor Roller Shutter

✅ Toyota Hilux Roller Shutter (N80)

✅ LDV Roller Shutter (T60)

✅ Mitsubishi Triton Roller Shutter (MQ / MR)

✅ Amarok Roller Shutter (2015-2021)

✅ Isuzu DMAX Roller Shutter (2021+)

✅ Navara np300 Roller Shutter (np300, Facelift np300)

✅ Holden Colorado Roller Shutter

✅ RAM 1500 Roller Shutter (2500, 3500)

✅ Silverado 1500 Electric Roller Shutter

✅ GWM Canon Roller Shutter

✅ Jeep Gladiator Electric Roller Shutter

✅ Mercedes X-Class Roller Shutter

✅ F-Truck Roller Shutters (F150, F250, F350, F450)


For all of your Ford Ranger Roller Shutter needs in Perth – contact our exclusive retailer TWD 4x4. The ever popular Ford Ranger Roller Shutter in Sydney can be found at Sydney's premier retailer Tyrant 4x4.

To find another installation professional near you, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll guide you to suitable options nearby.

If you have any other enquiries, or would like more information on our products, give us a call or send us an online enquiry.