VIKOR INDUSTRIES - 200 Series Landcruiser Headlights

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For some time now, our ultra-talented 4x4 modifications network around Australia have been yelling and screaming for a premium set of aftermarket headlights for 200 Series Landcruiser.

As with many of the aftermarket headlights out there, the whole experience is hit and miss. You never know whether you're getting junk drop shipped to you from China (6 months after ETA), or whether a set that seem to be half decent cark it after 3 months of use without any chance claiming on warranty.

When it comes to 200 Series Landcruiser Headlights, owners should be getting nothing but the best. That's why we pushed our manufacturers to design us something with a premium aesthetic, whilst ensuring longevity and reliability. After months of R&D we arrived at the final version of the VIKOR INDUSTRIES 200 Series Landcruiser Headlights.



The 4 LED Globe Clean Crystal design, combined with the sequential indicator, is a premium finish for the 200 Series. They are compatible with all 200 Series Landcruiser models from 10/2015 on.

Of course, pair this with one of these aftermarket grills for 200 Series and even a black out light bar from yours truly, and you've got yourself a premium front end upgrade.

Be advised it is strongly recommended that the VIKOR INDUSTRIES 200 Series Landcruiser Headlights are installed by a professional, as specific parts from the existing factory headlights are required to be transferred over. This will ensure that you receive VIKOR INDUSTRIES' 24-month Manufacturers' Warranty.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to find an expert installer near you today. More LED Headlights available in our store.


Note: Vogue Industries, Tyrant 4x4, TWD 4x4 and Pro 4x4 are trusted with the 200 Series Landcruiser LED Headlight Upgrade from VIKOR INDUSTRIES.