VIKOR INDUSTRIES VK502C – 50 Inch Curved Light Bar and Windscreen Light Bar Mounts

Most 4WD owners and country drivers greatly benefit from having specialised driving lights on their 4WDs, with the extra lumens assisting in navigating through the brisk darkness of the night on our country roads. A growing trend is the use of a 50 Inch Curved Light Bar, to allow for a broader spread of light from your choice of LED Light Bar.



We’ve seen a huge increase in demand for lighting products from our trusted retail network, and their regular feedback suggests that if you don’t have an LED Light Bar, you’re probably in the minority. As LED Light Bars become increasingly sought after, the market has benefited from far greater accessibility, affordability and efficiency with the range across the market. In our opinion, the market just saw more of the same!

The big gap we saw at VIKOR INDUSTRIES was a range of light bars that actually looked good on your vehicle. We’re all spending thousands of dollars on aftermarket 4x4 accessories and colour coding, only to whack on a chrome curved light bar. It just didn’t make any sense…

That’s why the team released the VK502C 50 Inch Curved Light Bar and accompanying windscreen light bar mounts.


VIKOR INDUSTRIES VK502C 50 Inch Curved Light Bar


A high-mounted curved light bar can reduce shadows cast by the rough Australian terrain, as compared to using just the pre-installed low-angle factory lights. The VIKOR INDUSTRIES VK502C 50 Inch Curved Light Bar (Double Row) is a premium option for windscreen or under roof rack mounting and is perfect for those who are looking for an eye-catching black finish for their vehicles.

This curved light bar has been carefully engineered to withstand the Australian environment and features the VIKOR INDUSTRIES trademark black housing unit and reflector for an unmistakably clean look. The curved light bar weighs approximately 4.29kg (inc. wiring harness) with a wattage of 3W, and the double row of lights allow for powerful illumination with an even spread, with sufficient light to support owners with night driving and camping.


Windscreen Light Bar Mounts


Although compatible with most big-name brackets for roof mounting, the VK502C Light Bar can be perfectly mounted with our black stainless-steel Windscreen LED Light Bar Mounting Brackets, custom made with 2mm thick 316 grade stainless steel to suit the curved light bar.

Consistent with our trademark “no-chrome” brand, the windscreen light bar mount brackets have a powder coat black finish. It is easy to install, and ideal for those looking to mount a curved Light bar without a roof rack.


Get in touch with us today to find out more about the VIKOR INDUSTRIES VK502C 50 Inch Curved Light Bar and Light Bar Mounting Brackets.